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Underground Network Services have cemented a spot in the minds of many major construction delivery partners, as specialist rock drillers in Queensland and New South Wales. In addition to our high standards of practice, years of industry experience and knowledge, along with our expert staff and management – We have our versatile and well-equipped fleet to thank for this title.

UNS’ drilling fleet currently consists of two Vermeer HDD rig models both with powerful and impressive capabilities which allow us to drill through all terrain and ground conditions.

The first model in our fleet is a Vermeer 36x50DR rock rig. The 36x50DR is a class-leading model and features a torque rating of 1500 ft-lb – operators physically see increased power and strength in bores and particularly so with boring through hard, rocky terrain. 

The 36x50DR has capacity to carry up to around 153m of bore pipe, decreasing the requirement to reload throughout a shot – UNS has seen this come in very handy when performing extended bore shots. As a standard practice, UNS drill crews also carry a full pack of both inner and outer rods at all times which allows us to drill up to 300m in one bore shot.

Underground Network Services took delivery in late 2019 of Australia’s first Vermeer 23x30DR drill. Our new drill combines powerful rock drilling capabilities with a small footprint – Making it the most versatile set up for both metropolitan and regional site establishments.

The 23x30DR features a 99 decibel(A) guaranteed sound power level and operator ear rating of 78.7 dB(A), making it easily one of the quietest drills available – this contributes to its suitability for metropolitan works, particularly in densely populated suburbia – UNS’ first projects for our 23x30DR were located just 4.3km from the city-centre of Brisbane – you can’t get much more metropolitan than that!


The 23/30DR has a carriage speed of 62.8m/minute, which sees operators able to install more linear meterage per day – Keeping project timeframes efficient and profit reports in the green. Our new drill boasts 24,000 lb of thrust and pullback, and 3000 ft-lb of rotational torque (quite an impressive increase over its predecessor, the 20x22 II). The addition of the 23x30DR to our fleet sees UNS thrust to the forefront of specialist rock drillers in Australia.