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UNS offer the capabilities of multiple pit and pipe (civil) crews. These crews are fully equipped, each with a large excavator, tip truck and service (tool) truck, our civil teams take care of all trenching, link-up, pit install, Moling (“Grundomat),  break-out and reinstatement (concrete, asphalt, pavers, turfing) works, along with any assistance the drilling crews require. Our fleet combines excavators ranging in size from just 1.7T right up to 14T which can be shifted between sites by our transport team to ensure the correct machinery is available when needed at every site.

A large amount of our installation works call for the transport, supply and installation of large concrete pits – a specialist item in  a lot of fields. Our teams are equipped not only to lift and transport these large pits but also to install them on site. Our civil teams are trained in correct install processes and finishing levels for these pits which are often placed in schools, hospitals, driveways, and the like, with specially designed ‘trafficable’ rated lids installed also.

UNS employ reinstatement specialists with career backgrounds in concrete pouring and finishing – This enables us to ensure the finishes on our projects are always not only at standard, but surpassing the requirements of our clients, their clients, and any local authorities.

Our teams are also well versed in the transportation and installation of hot-mix asphalt. We are engaged on many of our projects to not only break-out and remove but also reinstate carriageways, to government standards. 

UNS hold a 14T excavator as a part of our fleet, along with a dedicated transport sector to mobilise the machine to and from site. This excavator is operated by a dedicated and thoroughly experienced operator and is available for such work as dam building, clearing, retaining wall construction, large trenches, and any other large-scale earthworks.